Flag Basics

VIDEO: Fundamentals: Basic flag positions
"Colorguard Flag Basic Fundamentals"

VIDEO: Drop Spin: The most basic spin used in color guard
"Color Guard Movess & Techniques: How to Do a Drop Spin with a Colorguard Flag"

VIDEO: Figure 8s: This clip is calling the move "carves". We call it Figure 8. Another name for his move is Witch's Broom.
"Color Guard Moves & Techniques: How to Do Carves with a Colorguard Flag"

VIDEO: Crazy 8s: This is an exercize to teach Figure 8s in varying counts
Crazy 8s  routine by Jackie

VIDEO: Flourishes: This clip shows how to do a flourish.  We also call this "Jedi Knights".
"Color Guard Moves & Techniques: How to do Flourishes with a Color Guard flag."

VIDEO: Flutters: Note that we put the resting arm up at an angle....not down!
"how to do flutters" by Jackie
"flutters another example" by Paul
A really good step by step example--this guard calls it a Lancer

VIDEO: Flutter Turns: Flutters to the front, turn, Flutter to the back
"flutter turn entire routine" by Jackie

VIDEO: Hip Turn:
Hip turn by Jackie

VIDEO: Toaster Turn
This guard calls it a waterfall but it's the same as a Toaster Turn
(We usually do our Toaster Turns in 4 Counts)